Roman Series: Our Attitude and Our Job (12-13-2020)


As the Apostle Paul closes out his arguments and explanations in Romans 11 of what has happened by God blinding a portion of the Jewish population in his day, and how the Gentiles have been shown mercy due to the Jews’s unbelief of Christ, he then unifies them in chapter 12 with the statement “brethren” (brothers). The purpose is to draw them together to become a singular body under Christ. ¬†Almost 2000 years later, nothing has changed. ¬†Our job and our attitude should be centered around humility and service to help anyone who needs it. How? Why? Because, according to the LORD, it is perfectly reasonable.

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Sunday Morning Worship

Please join us today as we venture into the latter chapters of Romans. The subject matter that Paul lays forth as he got into the fourth quarter of this letter is filled with good advice/widsom for us in these trying times.

Posted by Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday, December 13, 2020