Romans Series: Patience, Consolation, and Hope (2-7-2021)


Pastor Charles continues his study of the book of Romans looking at chapter 15 and the hope we have in Christ.


Sunday Worship Service

Good morning! It is winter here in the Southeast, which means that it is chilly, wet, and generally unpleasant. However, the exact opposite is true of our church here in Jasper, AL. Today, we would like to warm your hearts and direct your minds (as well as our own) to Romans 14 and 15. What else did the Apostle Paul feel necessary to cover in the latter portion of this letter? Tune in or join us in-house, as we look at how using our God-given gifts, through humility and care, can help those around us who are struggling, and also show the greatness Jesus Christ.

Posted by Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday, February 7, 2021