Romans Series: The Role of Women in the Home and Church (2-28-2021)


The end of the book of Romans (chapter 16) is often overlooked.  Several names are listed, as well as some directives given regarding those people. Consider Phebe, the business woman whom Paul chooses to mention first during the closing comments and salutations of this epistle. There is far more here than most have assumed. Please join us as we look at the women of this chapter, and the many important roles they play in both the home and the church.


Sunday Morning Worship

Good morning! Last week we looked at the mind of Christ in Philippians. Today, we are back into our study of the Epistle to the 1st century Roman church. Most studies on this letter end with chapter 15; however, chapter 16 includes some interesting historical insights into church culture and fellowship, and many of the believers mentioned have a history all their own, which is stretched across the books of the New Testament. Please join us as we look at the greetings, instruction, and salutations Paul gave to all those who were vital to his ministry and to future generations in this last chapter of the Roman letter.

Posted by Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday, February 28, 2021