Romans Series: The Salutations in Chapter 16 (3-7-2021)


Pastor Charles continues his study of the book of Romans looking at the concluding chapter and the many salutations of Paul.  Today he looks at Priscilla and Aquila and their important role in the church and community as a married couple.


Sunday Worship Service

Good morning! The Son is shining, and so is the sun! It's Spring...or is it? Welcome to March in the Southeast. Last week we looked at the biblical role of women both in the church and in their home. The conclusions reached may not be what you have traditionally been taught, but is indeed what the scriptures, as a whole, teach. Today, we will continue our study of Romans chapter 16, and see how the "salutations" of Paul translate into biblically-accurate Kingdom of Christ culture and behavior.

Posted by Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday, March 7, 2021