Philippians Series: Paul’s Perspective (1-17-2021)


The church at Philippi, Greece in 1st Century A.D. was adored by the Apostle Paul. ┬áIf you have ever wondered what made that church unique from the others he addressed in the New Testament (NT), then today’s observations and perspective will provide some insight.


Sunday Worship Service

Good morning! First and foremost, praise the Lord for His mercy endures forever! Thank you for spending a portion of your day with us! Some things may look odd today. Our sanctuary is under renovation, so today's sermon will be livestreamed from our fellowship hall. Secondly, the topic: Philippians! The church which Paul praised and loved continually is a great example of how modern church culture should also work. Paul's love for the church at Philppi was not one-sided, but mutual. What can we learn from our faithful family in Christ from millenia ago? Tune in to find out.

Posted by Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday, January 17, 2021