We will start services at 10:30 AM central every Sunday morning at our campus in Jasper, AL. We will start with a scripture reading for a call to worship, open with a hymn, and prayer. We choose to sing hymns, as a congregation, without the assistance of musical instruments. We like to hear everyone joining together so don't be shy. If you don't know the song we are singing feel free to shout out one that you do know.

We typically sing for 30 minutes then we will take requests for prayer. After prayer we will being the preaching portion of the worship service. This typically last for an hour. If you don't have a bible with you there should be one around so pick one up, or look on with a friend, but engage with the preacher in worship through the Word of God.

After the preaching is concluded we will take time to fellowship through what we call "hand shake". This will be a time where we will sing, and move around the room shaking each others hands and greeting our fellow saints. There is a loose order to this, but if you want to join in feel free to follow the line.

With the ending of the hand shake we will close services with prayer and be dismissed. We always gather together after for further fellowship, and to eat lunch so please feel free to stay. We have services again at 1:30 pm central each Sunday. We also have services on Wednesday nights beginning with dinner at 6:00 pm central.

If you ever have any questions about our services please feel free to email us at [email protected]