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Jasper, AL 35501


    Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church is a congregation of believers located in Jasper, Alabama who aim to hold fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and His pattern for the Church.  We hold the Bible as the inspired word of God that provides us with the blueprint for how the New Testament church is to be established, organized, and administered. 

    We hold fast to the basic biblical ordinances of baptism, and communion of the saints.  This means that we practice the biblical example of baptism that Jesus Christ underwent which is baptism by emersion.  Our communion service is conducted by an Elder of the church, and includes the eating of unleavened bread, and the drinking of wine as described in the gospel record.  We conclude the service with the washing of feet keeping the principle that Christ laid out that “happy are ye if ye do them.”

    We hold worship services that are simplistic in their organization, but powerful in their goal which is to completely take man out of the picture, and place total focus on our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is achieved by following the biblical example of the New Testament worship service which consisted of: singing, preaching, and praying.  These services are open and inclusive to the whole family.  We believe the bible teaches the example of family worship, and we strive to keep the family together to foster growth in Christ through worship.

    These are an overview of our basic beliefs.  For more in depth discussion please see our page on Articles of Faith, or come and speak personally to our Pastor.


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